Big Waves

I was on the Coastside over the weekend. It was a brunch meeting but, as my associate asked me, “you going to take some pictures?” Of course, the camera is always ready to go. It was a brilliant mid-day with a few puffy low clouds so common to the San Mateo County Coast. A bright day with mild temperatures usually brings out hikers, joggers, dog walkers and a high-surf advisory brings out photographers, too. Not ideal for landscapes, but I still managed to spend nearly two of hours walking the small beach area of the Rockaway Beach neighborhood in the City of Pacifica. This coastal community is located about a dozen miles southwest of downtown San Francisco. Rockaway is a small commercial cluster with few residents but a nice collection of shops, restaurants, hotels and friendly people. Be sure to check out my favorite wine bar, too, A Grape in the Fog.

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Photo Challenge: Cover Art

Most of my photos are of buildings. It’s real estate. That’s what I do. Cover art is more of a challenge. As a kid I remember seeing romance novels around. Probably in bookstores. The art always seemed so dramatic. What better place to go?

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Oh, The Drought

It’s a tough time to be a plant in California. Third year of drought has left the trees and plants parched. Lawns are withering. I try to use less water. It’s a process. Old habits are not hard to break… they’re nearly impossible! I’ve used collected water for this rose but I’m hoping we finally get a break this winter. It’s not easy to watch trees and plants suffer. Think Rain (for California)!

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Photo Challenge: Refraction

Light bends. Think rainbow-colored Gumby. It can move around corners if you pass it through a prism (refraction) or bounce it off a mirror (reflection). It will even split into separate colors or dance around a ballroom. It brings us the day and ushers in the night. Light is handy to have on a camping trip on a moonless evening. But it’s best when you add rain and strong sunlight at the same time. Refract on that a while.

20140301-2ggbow_Refrac_DSC9 See the Weekly Photo Challenge here.

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The Other Princeton

Princeton was a big deal where I grew up. New Jersey. Now I live near the other Princeton. That would be Princeton-by-the-Sea, California. Don’t confuse the two… that one in New Jersey has some kind of college while Princeton-by-the-Sea has reel action… fishing and boating! Get it? Reel action. Groan.

I was on the Coastside yesterday so I spent a couple of hours wandering around Pillar Point Harbor and taking in all the sights. If you find yourself driving along Highway 1 north of Half Moon Bay be sure to turn into the little enclave of Princeton-by-the-Sea and enjoy the sights, good food and friendly people. Just watch out for the seagulls… they think everyone has raw fish in their pockets.

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Photo Challenge: Dreamy

Dreams interest me. Mine are sometimes boring, sometimes scary and sometimes just plain old weird. I think of dreamy and lots of images flow into my mind. The pretty gal? Pastoral landscape? Ice cream sundae? Okay, see where I’m going? A little confused. Just like my dreams.20140718-2dream_DSC9657

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Photo Challenge: Signs


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