Photo Challenge: Humanity

While thinking about this challenge and the idea that people are different but very much the same I realized that photographers are, too. Well, different that is. Much of our personality comes through in what we photograph and how it is done. By example, you will see many of my images of people are landscapes with people in them. Often distant shots. I like my privacy and treat people the same. When my youngest daughter grabs my camera she likes to put the lens right in the face of her subject. Most of her shots are close-ups that focus on immediate personality. She’s that way in life, too. Close… except now she’s living 3000 miles away. I miss her. We’re different, but very much the same. Humans.

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Photo Challenge: Adventure

20140706-surf_v2_DSC2195You don’t always need a road to follow to start off on an adventure. In our modern age we don’t have to pack our meager belongings and choose a path to somewhere unknown. We’ve created so many sports and games we need not embark on a journey into the wilderness to get a good rush of adrenaline.

I’ve tried surfing and wind surfing. I was a miserable failure in both instances. While watching these kite surfers near Bonny Doon to the north of Santa Cruz, CA, I was struck by the speed of the sport and the agility of the players. Quite an adventure. Go tame the wind and the surf. You won’t have to worry about getting out of my way!

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Not Endless Summer

Labor Day brings the summer season to a close. I grew up near the Jersey Shore on the Atlantic Ocean and loved my hot summer days and warm nights in Atlantic City (before casinos), Wildwood, Cape May, Ocean City (and the bars at Five Points), and Brigantine. Now I’m just a few miles inland from the oft-foggy and chilly Pacific Ocean. Summer along the Coastside is brief and it seems it sometimes begins and ends in September. It’s still marvelous to feel a warm beach beneath my feet and listen to the surf turn pebbles into sand. The summer season may be gone but my love of the shore will never fade.

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Photo Challenge: Dialogue

What are the pictures saying?

Two takes on getting pictures to speak to each other and to us.

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Photo Challenge: Fray


I hear the fray. I don’t see it. It’s just down the hill from where I live. I don’t enter the fray. I avoid the fray. I’m not afraid to tango… it’s just that they’re so crazy. They’re always in a rush or distracted and not really into the moment as life should be lived. I’ve seen them with eyes squinted into the glaring Sun. Sometimes they mouth silent songs that are drowned out by the whining of tires on pavement. I think they’re called commuters. I just call them crazy.

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Photo Challenge: Silhouette


There’s little nuance in a silhouette… bang… it’s right there in deep contrast with all that surrounds it. It’s a simple graphic element that does not take much brain power to decipher. Yet, as simple as it is – at the same time – it is powerful and strong. Can’t ask for much more. Can you?

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Photo Challenge: Texture

My day has a texture all its own. Soft light brings awareness and blessings for another chance at redemption… hard noon-day light leaves me squinting and reaching for sunglasses and thankful for landscapes in black and white where the harshness gives off so much chiaroscuro… evening drapes me in velvet with a glass of red wine to celebrate my imperfection and the chance to weave a new cloth on the morrow.

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