Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

20140718-contain_DSC9551_19What is a box? Some cardboard shaped with four sides, a top and a bottom? What’s that room where you sleep? Four walls, a floor and a ceiling? Where are you contained? ;-) My challenge this weekend… get out of my box. Hope to see you out there with camera in hand!


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

201406dp2_DSC5301Thinking outside the box can get you in trouble or make you millions. I’m not a millionaire.

The idea of contrasts immediately evokes black and white images with lots of chiaroscuro and shades of gray. My brain goes to light/dark, high/low, big/little… the obvious stuff. The box seems too easy unless there’s a really outstanding image lurking in your inventory. So, what about time? Time lapse? Long exposure? Day/night? Sunrise/sunset? How different yet potentially so much the same. So I gave in… it’s not “a photograph” at all… just the contrast in light falling on the same scene at sunrise and sunset on the same day and a contrast in time.

Or is it a comparison? Remember those, “please read and compare and contrast” questions from the literature teacher whose name you’ve blotted from your memory?

Either way… here’s Rockaway Beach in Pacifica, California at sunrise and sunset.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

20140408-2gar1_DSC0650Imagine my surprise when I cracked open this bulb of garlic!


Always fun to get something extra!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

This past weekend was three days and 696 miles on my vintage BMW R100 RT (touring motorcycle). It gave me some perspective on room. When you’re on a bike you’re not traveling in a “cage” (motorcyclist slang for a car). You experience the world in a more visceral way. The earth buzzes by just below the soles of your boots. Nothing separates you from that RV in the opposite lane but a little leather and fabric. The trees smell more intensely and the birds sing a little louder. Bees get in your clothes or impale themselves into your exposed parts. When it’s 110 degrees on the blacktop you can’t reach down and turn up the air-conditioner. You are not surrounded by a living room on wheels. It’s you and the open road.

A 696-mile trip is not much of a challenge over three days unless it’s nearly all twisty back roads with 35 mph speed limits. Leaving the San Francisco Bay Area, our group of 16 motorcycles and 20 riders and passengers headed out across the Central Valley and caught CA 108 to go over the Sonora Pass (9,624 feet). Through the foothills and over the Sierras we made our way to Bridgeport along the Eastern Sierras over U.S. 395 and then to Mono Lake and a nights stay at Lee Vining. The next morning we were off to visit Yosemite Valley over CA 120 and the Tioga Pass (9,943 feet). I was in awe of Sonora Pass and all its varied scenery but Tioga Pass was even more awesome if that seems possible. Tioga pass is the eastern gateway into the Yosemite Valley so it is a different view than most tourists’ experience. Most travelers enter Yosemite from the west or south and see that iconic view of the valley and Half Dome looking from the west to the east. Tioga gives you lovely high alpine lakes and meadows before dropping you into the valley floor. It’s a seldom used back door to one of the roomiest places on earth. Where does the room come in? Yosemite gives you that “top of the world” view when you’re standing on Glacier Point or Tunnel View. Go and experience a wide open room.

I’ve included a few shots of travel without a cage and roominess from the trip. Hope you take my suggestion and visit Yosemite and the Eastern Sierras, as well.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

20130416-2GG_01__DSC4069-1920Cliffs along the entrance to the San Francisco Bay. Braking waves. A dramatic image, but click on the photo and look for the gentleman in the lime green jacket in the bottom right hand corner… it’s all about scale.

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Full Employment? Really?

20140528-2sf2_DSC1520Job growth in San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin Counties (think executive and high-tech) have pushed the unemployment rate for those areas to between 3.9% and 4.4%, or, as it is sometimes called, the level of full employment. Tech and higher-end executive employment is also pushing up employment in other sectors that serve those arenas. The stats continue skewed, however, by more rapid growth in employment than the labor force. On a year-over-year basis, the labor force is not showing signs of an economic recovery. As I asked last September… where have the people gone? The Bay Area labor force has grown by just 0.3% over the past year while it has actually fallen by -0.1% statewide.

Looking down the tunnel of unemployment as a percentage rate gives you a narrow sense of the economic picture.

See SF Bay Area Employment Trends page above

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune:

Sometimes it’s all about picking the correct title for your photograph.

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