Slowdown, You Move Too Fast

The housing market has flattened out in the third quarter. See the Bay Area housing price trends page above for the most recent data on housing.

Tiburon, Belvedere and Mt. Tamalpais in the distance. Marin County, CA

Tiburon, Belvedere and Mt. Tamalpais in the distance. Marin County, CA

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Photo Challenge: Achievement

As a kid I grew up playing baseball, football, soccer, tennis and running track, so, when I think of an achievement I think of sports. There is usually a goal in mind. Not just winning. Breaking down the event into little parts and accomplishing each small task the best way possible. A 4 x 100 relay requires a quick start, smooth handoffs and a strong kick to the finish line. You can’t win a baseball game unless each fielder sees the ball and catches the ball. The hitter has to know the situation, anticipate the pitch, see the ball and hit the ball where the other guy ain’t. So achievement is not the finish line… it’s the outcome of all the steps in between. The beauty of sports is that you get to see those steps played out on the field in front of you. Beautiful, challenging and entertaining to see.

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Photo Challenge: Minimalist

Minimalism… the old “less is more” canard. Don’t believe it! More is better! Why have one car when three in the driveway looks so much better? Okay, so, sarcasm aside, sometimes less is more. It does make it easier to focus on a theme. Here I am. Focused! Have a great weekend.

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Fall Back

It’s that time of year. The craziness of the end of daylight savings time is here. Soon it will be dark before your late lunch is digested. That, of course, is normal. Winter brings an early end to daylight at this moderately northerly point on the globe. It’s just that for a week my body tries to adjust to the sunrise/sunset change… it tries, but it doesn’t do it very well. It’s like flying past multiple time zones for me. It takes days to adapt. So, I, for one, would not hesitate to adopt a “no daylight savings” policy if elected King. Would you support me?

A few snaps from along the coast with my son as my guide.

p.s. Go Giants! Congrats to the 2014 World Series Champions and thanks for a memorable post season run!

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Big Waves

I was on the Coastside over the weekend. It was a brunch meeting but, as my associate asked me, “you going to take some pictures?” Of course, the camera is always ready to go. It was a brilliant mid-day with a few puffy low clouds so common to the San Mateo County Coast. A bright day with mild temperatures usually brings out hikers, joggers, dog walkers and a high-surf advisory brings out photographers, too. Not ideal for landscapes, but I still managed to spend nearly two of hours walking the small beach area of the Rockaway Beach neighborhood in the City of Pacifica. This coastal community is located about a dozen miles southwest of downtown San Francisco. Rockaway is a small commercial cluster with few residents but a nice collection of shops, restaurants, hotels and friendly people. Be sure to check out my favorite wine bar, too, A Grape in the Fog.

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Photo Challenge: Cover Art

Most of my photos are of buildings. It’s real estate. That’s what I do. Cover art is more of a challenge. As a kid I remember seeing romance novels around. Probably in bookstores. The art always seemed so dramatic. What better place to go?

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Oh, The Drought

It’s a tough time to be a plant in California. Third year of drought has left the trees and plants parched. Lawns are withering. I try to use less water. It’s a process. Old habits are not hard to break… they’re nearly impossible! I’ve used collected water for this rose but I’m hoping we finally get a break this winter. It’s not easy to watch trees and plants suffer. Think Rain (for California)!

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