Oh, The Drought

It’s a tough time to be a plant in California. Third year of drought has left the trees and plants parched. Lawns are withering. I try to use less water. It’s a process. Old habits are not hard to break… they’re nearly impossible! I’ve used collected water for this rose but I’m hoping we finally get a break this winter. It’s not easy to watch trees and plants suffer. Think Rain (for California)!

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Photo Challenge: Refraction

Light bends. Think rainbow-colored Gumby. It can move around corners if you pass it through a prism (refraction) or bounce it off a mirror (reflection). It will even split into separate colors or dance around a ballroom. It brings us the day and ushers in the night. Light is handy to have on a camping trip on a moonless evening. But it’s best when you add rain and strong sunlight at the same time. Refract on that a while.

20140301-2ggbow_Refrac_DSC9 See the Weekly Photo Challenge here.

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The Other Princeton

Princeton was a big deal where I grew up. New Jersey. Now I live near the other Princeton. That would be Princeton-by-the-Sea, California. Don’t confuse the two… that one in New Jersey has some kind of college while Princeton-by-the-Sea has reel action… fishing and boating! Get it? Reel action. Groan.

I was on the Coastside yesterday so I spent a couple of hours wandering around Pillar Point Harbor and taking in all the sights. If you find yourself driving along Highway 1 north of Half Moon Bay be sure to turn into the little enclave of Princeton-by-the-Sea and enjoy the sights, good food and friendly people. Just watch out for the seagulls… they think everyone has raw fish in their pockets.

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Photo Challenge: Dreamy

Dreams interest me. Mine are sometimes boring, sometimes scary and sometimes just plain old weird. I think of dreamy and lots of images flow into my mind. The pretty gal? Pastoral landscape? Ice cream sundae? Okay, see where I’m going? A little confused. Just like my dreams.20140718-2dream_DSC9657

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Photo Challenge: Signs


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Photo Challenge: Nighttime

It’s dark at night. I’ve noticed that. People like to fish at night. I’ve not figured out why. Maybe it has something to do with beer? I’ve noticed beer is an excuse for many, otherwise, unexplainable things.

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Photo Challenge: Humanity

While thinking about this challenge and the idea that people are different but very much the same I realized that photographers are, too. Well, different that is. Much of our personality comes through in what we photograph and how it is done. By example, you will see many of my images of people are landscapes with people in them. Often distant shots. I like my privacy and treat people the same. When my youngest daughter grabs my camera she likes to put the lens right in the face of her subject. Most of her shots are close-ups that focus on immediate personality. She’s that way in life, too. Close… except now she’s living 3000 miles away. I miss her. We’re different, but very much the same. Humans.

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