Photo Challenge: Boundaries

Friday brings a challenge from Ben Huberman to look at “…limits, borders, and dividers of all types.”

Some boundaries are self-imposed while others come from physical constraints or the edicts of others.

Follows a sample of my visual limits!

Have a great weekend.

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Throwback Thursday

Well, it’s a #TBT… A look at the world the way it was in the 1950s and before… Black and White. This relates to the actual story of a seven-year-old kid once asking me if I was alive when the world was still black and white. Think back to the movie Pleasantville which starts out black and white and turns into full color. She believed in Santa Claus, too.

Today I’m looking from atop Corona Heights in San Francisco. The primary view is to the east toward Downtown SF but I’ve also included a couple of views to the west. This takes in Mt. Sutro, the iconic Sutro Tower, a massive TV and radio tower, and Twin Peaks.

Enjoy the snaps and please come visit SF and leave all your money behind! {Insert Smile Here}

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Photo Challenge: Change

This week a question was posed to the WordPress community by Kristin Snow. What does change look like to you?

I played hooky on my way home from some work up in Marin County yesterday and snapped these photos. I just hung out from about 5:30 p.m. until about 7:00 p.m. on the headlands above the Golden Gate. It’s a favorite stop if the light is good. Yesterday was worth a stop. Not remarkable, but perfect for clearing the mind.

The Golden Gate is an interesting place to watch light change. As the Sun settles into the Pacific it often goes through a layer or two of clouds. The light will go from mostly white to a lovely diffused red depending on the marine layer hanging over the cold waters of the ocean. The hills surrounding the gate will block the light and obscure it from the towers of the bridge. The lower part of the north tower surrenders first. Night is coming and it won’t be stopped. In time, the bridge will be nothing more than a string of lights. Change is good.

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Still So Close!

August 2015 Median Home Price Data for the San Francisco Bay Area is now posted to the housing price trends page.

The Bay Area median price dipped in August from its July high so we are still below the June/July 2007 all time high for the Bay Area median home price figure. The figure peaked at $665,000 in 2007 and it now stands at $650,000 according to Data Briefs from CoreLogic.

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Combo Stats and Grid (Photo Challenge)

Labor market info from the California EDD (Employment Development Department) hit the net today along with a photo challenge from Michelle W. to look at life through a grid!

The grid I often look at work through is Bay Area employment statistics. Well, more of a filter than a grid. More employment equals more demand for commercial real estate and less employment… well, let’s not go there. Reminds me of 2008-2010 and that’s not a pretty picture.

Have a good weekend.

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Photo Challenge: Monochromatic

It’s Friday… it’s a lovely day outside here in usually sunny (when it’s not foggy) Northern California. It was a beautiful sunrise but I was too lazy to get out there this morning and challenge the sky with my trusty camera. Besides, it was hardly monochromatic. It had a lovely selection of whites, grays, blues, oranges, reds, violets and various other hues and shades. What to do then, in response to Jen H’s monochromatic challenge?

Flipping through the pages of my photo collection (virtually, of course). I stumbled on a selection of mostly monochromatic color images and black and whites that sort of fall into that selective focus/monochromatic theme. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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Photo Challenge: Connected


Bridges Connect Pieces of Land

It is said we live in a connected world. The 21st Century has seen us all get closer together yet we also live more divided than ever. Skipping the political implications of connected and divided… let’s put down that smart phone and connect in an old fashioned way. Real always beats virtual.

Have a beautiful weekend! And, Stay Connected!

See Ben Huberman’s weekly photo challenge here.

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