Photo Challenge: Connected


Bridges Connect Pieces of Land

It is said we live in a connected world. The 21st Century has seen us all get closer together yet we also live more divided than ever. Skipping the political implications of connected and divided… let’s put down that smart phone and connect in an old fashioned way. Real always beats virtual.

Have a beautiful weekend! And, Stay Connected!

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Photo Challenge: From Every Angle

Since the blog is called graphic real estate how about some real estate from every angle? (aka a day in the life of a real estate guy)

Here’s my tale of a contemporary multi-tenant office building located south of San Francisco in response to Shane Francescut’s call to catch every angle when telling a story.

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Employment Still Glowing

The Bay Area continues to add jobs at a good pace but growth remains focused in the core high-tech West Bay Counties plus Alameda.

Napa and Solano Counties combined for a loss of more than 11,000 jobs year-over-year while Marin and Sonoma Counties eked out s20150825-still-life-DSD_7293_Fmall gains.

See the 18-Month San Francisco Bay Area Employment Trends for July 2015 here.









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So Close!

July 2015 Median Home Price Data for the San Francisco Bay Area is now posted to the housing price trends page.

It’s taken eight years(!) but we are within $4000 of the June/July 2007 all time high for the Bay Area median home price figure. The figure peaked at $665,000 in 2007 and it is now standing at $661,000 according to Data Briefs from CoreLogic.

Where will we go next month? Who knows? How long will it last? Don’t know. Will it follow the stock market? There’s a chance since so many high-end home sales are driven by Silicon Valley funny money. Right away? Who knows?

City Living!

City Living!

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Photo Challenge: Today Was a Good Day

The weekly photo challenge from Cheri Lucas Rowlands involves a new photo toy… a Mesh Gallery. Well. I may be old but I never outgrew my love for toys.

Here’s a try from a day in September of 2014. I was on a trip with my sister and a friend of hers. They were both visiting Northern California for the first time and we took a 10-day sabbatical from the real world to visit some touristy faves. We were staying in Reno (they like to gamble) and took a side trip to Tahoe. To me, it should have been the other way around, but any day that involves Reno, Virginia City and Lake Tahoe can’t be all bad!

Have a good weekend.

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Photo Challenge: Creepy

This week we’ve been challenged by Michelle W. to photograph something creepy.

There are certainly some things that cause my skin to creep. We won’t get into circus clowns too deeply. Let’s not discuss spiders, either. Ewwwww. Rats? Naw. I had a pair of them in high school. Even got my normally fearsome cat to take naps with them. True! What, then, gives me the creeps?

Look and see! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet

I tend to look up. It’s better than tripping over cracks in the sidewalk. Plus, hey, don’t want to break your mother’s back. So, even with that said, I do look down every once in a while. I usually find textures or patterns that are appealing. Here are a few.

Enjoy and Have a great weekend!

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