Home is where the heart is, or so says Jen H. in her challenge to show “Local.”

She goes on to say: “Home is what and who is local — the places and people we know by heart.”

I live near, but not on, the coast. My heart is where you can hear the surf when you open your window. Smell salt in the ocean spray. Even fight off the seagulls looking for a handout and hovering precariously overhead.

The nearest “local” town for me, a place where many friends live and the coastline is long and full of fun spots, is Pacifica, California. It’s only four miles to the beach but it’s a world apart. It’s on the west side of the San Andreas Fault and I live just 300 yards on the east side of the fault. To go west from where I live I have to drive about 6 miles south to Highway 92 or about 3 miles north to Sharp Park Road. In that 9 mile stretch there’s nothing but about 30,000 acres of open space. Pacifica is squeezed between Sweeney Ridge and the Pacific Ocean on the west side of all that open space. It’s a town of little valley communities all strung together by Highway One. The Manor district in the north, Sharp Park, Vallemar, Rockaway and Linda Mar are separate and distinct communities that unite under the Pacifica banner for the annual Fogfest in September. You know you have reached a unique place when the main annual celebration focuses on the near ever present fog.

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Photo Challenge: H2O

Water, two parts hydrogen one part oxygen, steam, vapor, mist, rain, dew, moisture, wet. We have many names for the stuff of life.

With a challenge from Lignum Draco to… “show H2O in a photograph” I had to go to my favorite form of water… clouds.

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August, Ah, But a Memory

Finally got my hands on August 2016 SF Bay Area Median Home Price Data. Most of the nine Bay Area counties have seen median price declines since June when the Bay Area median figure hit an all-time high. I keep hearing stories about the upper end of the residential market seeing less demand and more properties coming to market at the lower end of the range. Should make for an interesting year end… but we seem to be blessed with an interesting real estate market no matter what time of year.

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Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

The third quarter of 2016 draws to a close with Fall and Summer fighting for control. The end of summer used to mean the beginning of school and the end of lazy warm summer days. Growing up near the Atlantic Ocean meant sand between my toes and floating in a salty sea watching the people walk along the Boardwalk on a bright summer day. I still live near the coast but it’s the Pacific now. That means cold water, few swimmers, surfers in wet suits and the nearest Boardwalk well down the coast in Santa Cruz.

When Jeff Golenski posed a challenge “…to show us what nostalgia means to you,” I immediately thought of my misspent youth floating in a sea of ease.

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Yesterday afternoon I took a walk after lunch. I like to carry along my old Olympus E-500 with a macro lens attached. I guess you could say I was on a quest. First, get some exercise. Second, capture an image of my neighborhood. I was walking past an ornamental rosemary plant and rubbed my free hand along a branch to release the fragrance that makes rosemary such a lovely herb. It’s nice to involve all the senses on a lovely afternoon.

Several bees were also on a challenging quest. They were busy combing the small lavender-tinted flowers on the bush for pollen. They seemed to be doing pretty well for a late-summer day. Fall is just around the corner. A new season will put us on a different quest; much like the one Cheri Lucas Rowlands challenged us to take. Fall colors anyone?

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CPI – ICU – WTH(eck)

I don’t know about you… but I’m getting very tired of phone apps asking for permission to see every little detail about my life that happens to pass through my phone.

Someone is going to make a lot of money by developing a phone that returns our privacy. Just saying… someone please!

Speaking of privacy… are you spending more and getting less? Seems to be the way of life here in the San Francisco Bay Area. See the latest CPI (inflation data) here.

Sep. 2016 Listing: 1 Bedroom apartment for $2,295 per month.

Sep. 2016 Listing: 1 Bedroom for $2,295 per month.

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Vintage Data

San Francisco Bay Area employment data for August 2016 is summarized here. It was vintage “high-tech rules” in August with Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Francisco Counties showing employment gains along with a seasonal/harvest-time boost for Napa while the more traditional counties saw little gain or losses in employment.

Upper Market neighborhood from Corona Heights, San Francisco, CA

Upper Market neighborhood from Corona Heights, San Francisco, CA

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