Yesterday afternoon I took a walk after lunch. I like to carry along my old Olympus E-500 with a macro lens attached. I guess you could say I was on a quest. First, get some exercise. Second, capture an image of my neighborhood. I was walking past an ornamental rosemary plant and rubbed my free hand along a branch to release the fragrance that makes rosemary such a lovely herb. It’s nice to involve all the senses on a lovely afternoon.

Several bees were also on a challenging quest. They were busy combing the small lavender-tinted flowers on the bush for pollen. They seemed to be doing pretty well for a late-summer day. Fall is just around the corner. A new season will put us on a different quest; much like the one Cheri Lucas Rowlands challenged us to take. Fall colors anyone?

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CPI – ICU – WTH(eck)

I don’t know about you… but I’m getting very tired of phone apps asking for permission to see every little detail about my life that happens to pass through my phone.

Someone is going to make a lot of money by developing a phone that returns our privacy. Just saying… someone please!

Speaking of privacy… are you spending more and getting less? Seems to be the way of life here in the San Francisco Bay Area. See the latest CPI (inflation data) here.

Sep. 2016 Listing: 1 Bedroom apartment for $2,295 per month.

Sep. 2016 Listing: 1 Bedroom for $2,295 per month.

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Vintage Data

San Francisco Bay Area employment data for August 2016 is summarized here. It was vintage “high-tech rules” in August with Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Francisco Counties showing employment gains along with a seasonal/harvest-time boost for Napa while the more traditional counties saw little gain or losses in employment.

Upper Market neighborhood from Corona Heights, San Francisco, CA

Upper Market neighborhood from Corona Heights, San Francisco, CA

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As my week stumbles to a close… Ben Huberman lays down a challenge to interpret Edge. Recently my daily routine has taken on an edge. I know I can find more than a few examples of my view on the topic. Hope your weekend has a nice edge to it!

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The end of the week rolls around so fast it makes you reflect on what you are doing. This week Jen Hooks challenged the paparazzi to, “…show us a mirror.” Here are some reflective views from my library. I will spend this long weekend pondering the challenge to capture myself in a mirror. Instead, for now, I offer a reflective shot of my Grandkitty Otis. Lacking thumbs, he can’t do selfies.

Hope you enjoy this traditional end-of-summer weekend!

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July 2016 Home Price and Employment Data

The Bay Area will slap you down just when you think you’re getting a handle on it… July 2016 labor force and employment figures took a big jump upward after a prolonged period of hum drum. Digging down a little deeper into the figures, however, indicated less growth in technology and more growth in service. Not good… fewer high-paying jobs and more flipping burger jobs.

The housing market appears to be taking a breather. Big jump in year-over-year prices but month-over-month not so good and total sales way down. I have heard through the grapevine that there are fewer high-end buyers in the market. Will be interesting to see if the traditional year-end slowdown brings a drop in prices.

Sailing into the sunset???

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Frame (in Frame)

The concept of using a frame in a frame is an old one in photography. There are times it works well and then there are times that the inside frame may be superfluous. The first frame is your viewfinder (or rear LCD or that phone you’re staring at). The second frame is what is bracketing your central point of emphasis.

This week Nancy Thanki leveled a challenge to find an alternative frame to what we see in our viewfinder.

About my comment that sometimes the frame is superfluous… it’s addition by subtraction. A few leaves or branches around a shot of a beautiful lake may create a frame of some interest but ask yourself if the picture is really better with the frame. Just imagine in your mind’s eye if adding the frame is subtracting from the focal point of the image. Superfluididity aside, here are some of my frame in frame photos.

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