It’s another Friday… a real winter Friday here in Sunny California. Luckily, for us drought-weary folks, it’s a rainy winter day with moments of sunshine thrown in. The clouds are flowing by in a graceful way. Not like that uber-darkness shattered by lightning we suffered at 4 a.m. Big thunder and lightning storms are actually relatively rare around here and they usually happen in winter. It’s nice to have some clouds in the sky. They are graceful portents of change, so when Ben Huberman asked the wordpress crowd to, “…show us something that exists harmoniously with its surroundings,” I thought of my love for clouds.

On a separate note, here’s something less graceful: San Francisco Bay Area employment data for the past 18 months.

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Where Oh Where

…Will interest rates go? 20170114-janet02-dse_4280_s1500

See January 2017 Freddie Mac interest rate data here.

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Photo Challenge: Ambience


Another Friday in my little office that lacks ambience. Jeff Golenski challenged us to look at, “…the atmosphere of one’s surrounding environment.” He focused on lighting that adds to the environment. I went back and found that I must not spend much time out after dark because I found so few photos of lights and lighting. The challenge did make me think of a lighted sign in nearby Millbrae, California. The sign sat atop a large theater in downtown Millbrae and, when the theater was destined for the trash heap of large single-screen movie houses, so was the sign. The local populace and the city stepped in to preserve the landmark that sits along El Camino Real near Millbrae Avenue. It definitely throws off a little atmosphere.

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Median Home Prices

Are you having the same problem? Start typing 201… and have to erase the 6 to put in the 7? Welcome to another new year! Speaking of the old year… see here for recent San Francisco Bay Area median home price trend data. Typical year end slowdown. Nothing to frolic about.


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Photo Challenge: Resilient

The countdown clock is ticking on 2016. It has been a year to learn about resilience. When Ben Huberman proffered the challenge to, “share a photo of something that says ‘resilient’ to you,” I immediately thought of an old tree out at Mori Point in Pacifica and also a similar tree in Daly City. Both are hanging on to eroding bluffs above the stormy Pacific. They know resilient when they see it.

Happy New Year 2017! You can’t get here soon enough! Best Wishes everyone.

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Photo Challenge: Path

Here it is… year-end 2016. Cheri Lucas Rowlands asked us to, Consider the journey you’ve taken this year (or where you hope to go in 2017)…”

The year 2016 taught me about the fragility of human life. My blogging career nearly ended early in the year when a health issue almost got out of control. As the saying goes, with every door that closes another opens. I’m finally feeling better than I have in many years. This bend in the road put me on a path to taking better care to live each day like it’s my last. Having a renewed vigor in life is a good path to be on. May the New Year bless you with good health, happiness and prosperity and Merry Christmas to those of the Christian Faith.

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So thankful this year is coming to a close. Need a free tip? Stay healthy!

Employment health? Not so much either. The “seasonally adjusted” employment figure for California looks okay but November 2016 is a repeat of 2015 with a significant drop in both actual employment in the San Francisco Bay Area and the labor force, as well.

See updated November 2016 employment data here.


Stormy November 2016

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